n the past the stenographer took up the parliamentary speeches. His technical and intellectual activities allowed readers to participate and learn about the political life. Today, the use in public and private events and the professionalism of stenographers Stenotypists, integrated with new information technologies, allows any type of user to receive information and news. The media report goes beyond the written text: information technology give a key to the participation of all and add value to communication.

Report stenographic
The stenographic report is the transcript of a spoken word. Qualified professionals draw up the text with fidelity and speed, it values a careful review and publish them in the desired format.

Summary Report
The summary report is a summary of a meeting or of a debate. In the form of “verbal” (if it reports only the decisions and the names of those who have spoken) or journalistic form, is a very useful and quality products for the communication of organizations and companies.

The audio recording transcripts are produced in a timely manner, through the use of computerized stenotype and automatic speech recognition. Our reporting services

  • shorthand reports of meetings, conferences, seminars, live (real time) or deferred
  • Transcriptions from audio / video recording
  • Transcripts and legal and technical reports, in a foreign language
  • transcripts and pagination Revision
  • Publish documents
  • Summaries
  • Reports of video conferencing