Captioning and Sign Language interpretation

Among the most effective communication services are those that facilitate the access of people with disabilities, subtitles, Sign Language and audio description.

The mediation of communication by trained professionals ensures the access to information, education, entertainment: by the use of machine shorthand, voice recognition and Sign Language the immediate access to speeches, meetings and lectures is guaranteed. The audio description enables blind people to have the description of the events of a movie, a play or a TV broadcast.

Services are performed for conferences, lectures, meetings, court hearings, or directly to users.

Users follow speakers or teachers by the means of a speech-to-text reporter. These services strengthen the learning process, improve the understanding of events and facilitate information storing. The communication mediation is the key to interact and participate.

With Tele Type captioning and sign language interpretation can be provided remotely, also for online meetings (Zoom, Webex, Teams …) or Social Media (Facebook, YouTube)

Our services for accessibility

  • Streaming Captioning (machine shorthand and speech recognition)
  • Italian Sign Language Interpretation (LIS)
  • Audio description
  • Subtitles and Sign Language for videos, tutorials, music, interviews

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