Interpreting services

The success of an event is ensured by the effectiveness of communication. Synchronos realizes skilled and professional interpretation services, entrusted to translators with specific knowledge and experience and at competitive rates. For business meetings, informal meetings, scientific conferences, symposia and seminars, our interpreters ensure high quality and reliability services.

Staff Synchronos specializes in a wide range of fields: legal, economic, commercial, educational, community policies, etc. and boasts of great responsibility collaborations with public and private entities. Interpreting services are available in major western and eastern languages, but thanks to an extensive linguistic experts collaborators Synchronos team is able to cover even more combinations of rare languages.

Synchronos also produces audit services and legal, sworn translations, organizes events and provides technical facilities for small meetings and large.

Our interpreting services

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • in Interpreting
  • Interpretation chuchotage
  • Interpretation in relay
  • Interpretation Bidule
  • Translations in all languages

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