Reports and transcripts

The stenographer used to report the parliamentary speeches. His technical and intellectual production allowed citizens to learn about the political life and participate. Nowadays, the skills of STTR (Speech to Text Reporter) , enhanced by the information technologies, either in public and in private events, allow users to access to information and entertainment. The “report” is much more than a written text, it’s a key for social life, an added value of communication.

Report stenographic
The verbatim report is the transcript of a spoken word. Qualified professionals catch the speech with accuracy and speed. After a careful review the report is published in the desired format.

Summary Report
The summary report is a resume of a meeting . It is a useful and quality text useful for cooperative work and discussion in companies or public bodies.


The speech-to-text transcripts are timely delivered thanks to use of speech-to-text devices like machine shorthand and speech recognition.

Our reporting services

  • Reports of meetings, conferences, seminars, also real time
  • Transcripts from audio/video recording
  • Legal and technical reports, also in a foreign languages
  • Revision and coordination of texts 
  • Documents publishing
  • Resumes 
  • Online meetings reports

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