Training and projects for enhancing the treatment of communication. Specific path to strengthen the skills of managers and workers.

This proposal is addressed to public bodies, companies or reporting agencies, universities and training schools. Self-contained modules articulated and adapted to specific roles.

Transcripts and reports – Production of reliable and accurate transcriptions. Structure of debates, contents and proceedings of the political or business decision process; draft of internal and public documents; revision and publication; verbatim and summary reports, minutes; technical transcripts; ethics; publishing.

Business writing – Professional writing techniques. Tools to achieve effectiveness of communication. Checking communication mistakes and tricks, style and emotional influence. Writing in clear, organic and effective style; choosing the best speech structure; synthesis; reader focused writing, languages and “antilingua”; style exercises.

Web writing, email and social networks: – Writing email consistently; goal, tool and recipients; writing clearly and effectively; building relationships through email; email etiquette: technical and emotional cautions; answering an email: shape and contents.

Effective communication and public presentations – How to organize clear and effective presentations. When using PowerPoint? Mind maps. Understanding the public; organizing ideas; text, graphics, animations; anticipating questions and objections.

Interpersonal communication and management of meetings – How to make meetings more effective. Meetings: types and methods; studying topics, goals and materials; managing the meeting; leading and/or delegating; overcoming resistance to change; critical aspects; planning, programming; responsibilities and understanding check.

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